Monday, April 9, 2012

Another busy week of kids, crocheting and life! My boyfriend has been dealing with major teeth pain and ended up having to have a whole seven teeth removed. It's been quite a time, but I am ready for him to be feeling better and I know he is too. Thankfully, he has another appointment this afternoon so hopefully they can tell him why he's still in so much pain that he can't even keep his food down.  I have also finally started with potty training with my little monkey. He is two and we are having issues with him keeping his clothes and diaper on, so I decided it was time start. He hates having to stop what he's doing to sit down on the potty but he has done what he needed to do three times now. :) I'm proud of him!

Onto some projects I've done this week! :) I don't even know how I found the time to get so much done this week with as busy as I have been!

This bag I did for my boyfriend's little sister's birthday. She chose the colours and

everything. :). I can't wait to send it to her this week! I did it in RHSS in Real Teal
 and Spring Green. I did the handle in SCs with 2 strands, one in the teal and one in
 black, to make it sturdier.

This bag was made for my sister-in-law who just went through a major
knee surgery and is unable to move around much on her own for a bit.
A few months ago she mentioned she wanted a bag like one I have but
in purple and black, so this is what I came up with. :)
My daughter loved her pink & vanilla cupcake beanie so much so begged
me to make her another one with colours so picked out. She chose the Purple
Tones and a brown (which label I lost) for chocolate, both RHSS.
In Hot Red & Black RHSS. A grocery bag holder for my little sister's kitchen.
A purple, white and black mix I had in my scraps that my little girl asked me
to make her a toy net out of since her pink one was starting to get too full
of toys.

Last but not least, the Easter bunnies I made for my kids this year!  I used the
Spring Bunny pattern. It was quick and fun to do and love kids loved them! :)

Whew, that's as far as I got for this week. :) Way more then I thought I would get done in this busy week that's for sure! Not to mention I was up until very late last night starting a Crochet Hobo Bag.. the crochet part of the bag was the easy part for me. I do not sew... at all.... unless you count sewing my crochet projects together.. but as for lining? Ahahaha. My next post will be about that fun adventure!

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