Monday, April 9, 2012

Adventures in sewing...

So, I decided to take on the Crochet Hobo Bag that I have been steering away from for weeks. I've been wanting to try it, but it was lined and involves sewing... and I don't sew.  Well, I didn't sew. I have no sewing machine, except for this little Singer Sew Quick majig that my mother in law got my for Christmas one year. I actually found some use of it in this adventure though, after realizing I was threading it backwards ahaha. There was a lot of hand sewing involved too.
So here was are as I started my adventure. The crocheting part was easy and I whipped through this pretty quickly.

It didn't take long and I was finished with the body of the bag! Here is where I started getting scared
about what would happen next. I started with pink lining, but I messed it up pretty quick after an hour
or so of trying. I got aggravated and spent some time looking through materials I had in my stash. I
found a nice velvety black shirt that is way too large for me and been sitting for years. I measured it up
and things seemed to flow much better this try.

I got the sides and top sewed together and sewed it to the bag. I managed to not poke my
own fingers the entire time I hand sewed this on! I sat for a long while admiring my work and
being proud of my sewing attempt.

A pair of old pants, again way too large, became the "ribbon" for my bag. 

Here is the ribbon weaved in to the top shell row and tied into a pretty bow.

Since I've been using what I'd had laying around the house, I found some extra
keyrings I had laying around the house, SCed around on side on each to hold
it to the bag and then made 3 long chains that I braided and attached to the other
side of the keyring for the handle. I got the idea for this from the way Crochetbug 

did her handles for her own Hobo bag. :)

And there is the completely finished bag! I am so proud of myself for finally learning to sew.. even if it was just simple sewing but still. It so pretty, I want to line all my bags now, even if I don't like sewing much. This is definitely my new purse to tote around. It holds everything and still has some room for anything else I need in there. :)


  1. Once you line a bag, you start to wonder why you waited so long. I love the flare that your ribbon adds, and congratulations to you!

  2. Good for you. Not a big fan of sewing myself. I wish I could get past my challenges like you did.

  3. Seems Blogger ate my comment as it gave me a 503 message. Congrats on facing the challenges of sewing. You did a wonderful job. I would love to overcome my fear of it. There are so many wonderful projects that require just a little more skill than I have now.

  4. My first attempt at sewing the lining together was a total disaster, but I learn from my mistakes and after taking so time to relax from it I went back to it. Everything seemed to go smoothly from there.. maybe the lining I was gonna use just wasn't meant to be, cause after I choose this different black one it went so well lol. :) But after I got it done I did start to wonder why I haven't tried this before! I didn't want to sew, but I really wanted to do this bag and I'm happy I tried! I've always liked a good challenge though I guess.

    And thanks. :) I had a few different choices for the ribbon I was bouncing around and then went searching through the stash of fabric and old cloths I was using and recycling and found the pair of pants I used to make that ribbon. I was afraid of using too much black though lol. Atleast the ribbon adds a tiny splash of white and pink.