Friday, April 20, 2012

Oh, what a rough couple of weeks it has been! The boyfriend had more teeth pulled on Monday - he's been having so many teeth problems from an issue he was born with, that the dentist recommended just having them all pulled and fitting dentures, said it would have him a lot of pain in the future. It looks like that's the path he may be taking, I don't blame him either, teeth pain is so terrible and he shouldn't have to keep going through it over and over again.

Wednesday was also the six year anniversary of my mom's death. She passed away from a long and hard fight with lung cancer, she was such a strong woman to go through all the treatments that those doctors put her through one after another.  My sister and I stayed up late all night talking and keeping each other company online. Keeping her and our dad and all the good times we had. My mother was such an amazing crafter and I used to watch in awe at the stuff she made .. and she could do everything! Sewing, crochet, knitting, etc.. there was just so much much she did! She always tried to teach me things then, but back then I would just rather watch then want to do it, and I got so easily aggravated as a kid I did want to bother with it. So now that I I'm doing all this crafting and crocheting myself now as an adult, while it's not something we can physically do together, I feel like she's there with me when I'm working away on my projects. :)

Me, my mom & my younger sister in our last picture together. :) She was such a beautiful woman!

On a happier note, I had nephews birthdays to make presents for! And since they all love Angry Birds so much, they each got a hat from me! The smiles I got when they got them made all the work worth while and my niece tells me the baby goes to sleep with his on every night because he refuses to take it off! How cute!

I had a lot of fun making them! I think I like the red one best but I love them all! 

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