Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Clips, clips, clips!

So my newest obsession in crochet accessories has been clip making! I'm having such a good time making them and it has really brought out my inner designer I think. I was wanting some really cute Easter hair clips and couldn't really find much that I liked personally to use, so I decided to just take my hand at creating some of my own! Hats have been easy, how hard could making a few tiny Easter appliques for clips? I was glad to not hit any snags and made a few in the past couple of days.
This one could be a baby chick or duck. I did find one similar to this one... but the pattern was in Dutch, and I certainly don't speak Dutch.. ahaha. So, I picked up my hook and yarn and went to town.

This little cutie was inspired by a cute felt bunny head that I saw.. I think this one is my favorite. :)

 This one seems to be my fiance's favorite, it was my first design of all the Easter cuties.
And another baby chick! I love her little feet, makes this little chickie so cute. I have one more that I made, I will get a picture of here soon. :)

I'll probably write the patterns for them out here soon, I have a few Easter orders I'm working on for this weekend - plus a toy net for a friend's little girl's birthday this weekend. They asked for one is one of my favorite colors I have on hand to match her newly painted room. I recently made the daughter a drawstring bag (which I am kicking myself over not taking a pic of before sending it off to her!!) in RHSS's Bikini & in Black and she loves it so much and uses it for everything. Really puts a smile on my face to see my work being used. :) The girl also LOVES manatees, so I'm going to see what I can come up with for her too.

I just realized with all my work, I still have a unfinished cupcake hat I was making for my own daughter -- that's one WIP I would like to finish up this week.

Outside of crocheting & work it's been a wonderful weekend. We've gone for lots of walking, went fishing and hit the pool yesterday to let the kids swim and they've had a blast! Today was time for daddy to go back to work, he gets 3 days off work and 4 on and his days off are different since they are during the week... we are used to them being just the weekend but it is so nice having him home for a few days during the week. :) Today its back to relaxing time around the house for me & the kids.. but I think maybe this mommy will be filling up their little pool here at home so they can get in some water play after nap time. And now with my two year old waking up and ready for mommy's attention.. I leave you with a few images.
My little ones fishing, this is also my son's first time getting to fish.

Touching and getting a good look at his first fishie.


  1. These are adorable. They would make cute appliques for just about any Easter project.

    1. Yeah, I was thinking about doing a little bag for my daughter with one of the bunnies. :)