Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's amazing how quickly a month can fly! Life has been extra busy around our house. My little princess is has been working hard learning her letters & how to write everyone's name. She's doing a great job and this mom is definitely proud! We've also gotten a new addition to our family! Meet Zoey, whose made a bed out of the empty side area of the tv stand.

She and our 50 lb Dixie our best friends already and play non-stop all day. Zoey seems to favor our little girl - considering my monster chases her around roaring at her - which is okay since Dixie and Logie already have a strong bond. I absolutely love her ears!

So I've been hard at work getting Skylay Designs going. I've had a few orders through Etsy and a good amount of sales locally. Yesterday I started making hair clips and it has been soooo much fun! So far I have bows and butterflies and some flowers. I found a butterfly pattern I liked to use.. but they were just coming out too big so I ended up recreating it and making it a good 1" smaller. I'm very happy with it.
The top one is from the original butterfly pattern ( Simple Butterfly @ KrochetLove ) and the bottom two are my smaller recreation. I can't wait to get these little babies in my daughter's hair. :)

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