Thursday, June 30, 2011

Seafood Soup!

So post two for today.. maybe it will make up for my 2 weeks of not posting, haha. I have two finished projects this week so far. :)

Yet Another Market Bag [ pattern ]
My DF's little sister asked me to make her a purse. She picked out the main multi color and I picked out the green .. because it was the only thing I had in my stash that half way matched. I hope she'll like it, hoping I get to see her this weekend to give it to her.

Octopus Pincushion [ pattern ]
So this morning while I was searching for my needle again.. for the eight hundredth time, I decided I needed to make myself a pin cushion. I found this pattern and had an idea instantly for it. As in reference to my Seafood Soup title, I give you my Ultros pin cushion. :)

I'm totally in love with him. <3 I was going to make his teeth too, but I just couldn't find a way to make them look right.. so for now there are none. But I still love him.

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