Thursday, June 16, 2011

Busy Bee

It's bee about a week since my last update and I have been a busy busy mommy. We had a flea outbreak -- they are just bad in this area in general and since we have a dog... -- I have been up every day first thing in the morning and all night, vacuuming, spraying, sweeping, mopping, bathing Dixie .. plus keeping up my normal cleaning -- which was slacked a tab bit in the kitchen. I'm sooo tired. And it doesn't help that my df has been working very hard this week at work, getting up at 4:30am not getting home til anywhere from 5pm - 10pm.. by then he's so tired there's nothing I can ask of him but to get some sleep for work tomorrow.

He's worked so much this week I even took up the job of cleaning the yard up this week. I found someone interesting hiding near one of df's toolboxes.

Now, I don't know how, but I found time to crochet through all the mess going on! I completely finished a few small projects. First is a Scrubbie Dot that I also crocheted the red netting from a popcicle bag into the middle red area. I've already gotten to use it and it definitely did it's job. :)

Then I made a matching Spiral Dishcloth to match it. =]

Last night it poured down rain for the first time in weeks! While I loved the rain, while I was next door, we had a new leak pop up and it got on my poor unprotected laptop. :( Luckily, the worst it did was get water in the screen.. it took up almost half the screen last night, but now it has dried up to a small strip.. I'm hoping it will dry up too.. it almost looks like it didn't happen at all. So while I was grumpy about my laptop and the internet was out because of the rainy weather, I decided to take a stab at free handing a circle spiral dishcloth. It didn't come out perfect, but I'm still happy with it. :)

Then this morning I decided to work on a hat for my daughter, because she was so upset about the summer mystery cal not being a hat for her. Lol. So I let her pick out a colour from my stash and I worked on it all day on and off as I could... the hat is Josie Posie and here is my little princess posing with her new hat.

And last not but not least for tonight's update: my progress on the Summer Mystery CAL. :) Last week's clue left me with this and I'm very excited to get to the next clue tomorrow.

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