Saturday, November 3, 2012


Afternoon! How was your Halloween? We had a fun time! At my daughter's request, we went to our church for Halloween for dinner and a fun time - they gave the kids candy and had some bounce houses for them all to play on. Safe candy and a great time, they sang and played and enjoyed dressing up. My daughter was a princess again this year, but she had a purple dressed she picked out to where. She got this dress for her birthday and she told me right then she wanted to wear it for Halloween and she kept it up safe in the closet just to wear it. My big girl definitely knows what she wants! My little man was a baby Frankenstein. I made him a crocheted Frankenstein hat and we -tried- the whole face paint thing... but it didn't work out as planned and he was happy with just the hat! I think he looks just adorable in it.

I just noticed how tired my Sky looks here after her long day at school! She was so very excited about Halloween though, that was for sure. :) I'm just glad they had a great time!

November already, I just can't believe it. In five days my little man is going to be a whole three years old! Time just keeps flying by faster and faster.. I don't know where it's all going! Soon he'll be off to school too and I won't know what to do with my time. Maybe more time for some crafts? It sounds so weird to have time to myself again, lol!

Now it's time to pull out the construction paper and get things ready for a Thanksgiving craft I'm going to do with the kids this afternoon before our community dinner at the church tonight. :) I found this one on Pinterest last night and I think that they'll have fun making them.

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