Thursday, March 14, 2013

Much needed update...

Hey guys! It's been far too long since I've been able to update here! Life happened and I had no internet for a few months - which not only put a pause on my blogging but things over at my etsy shop, as well.  However, I did have more time for crocheting  and things around the house without the internet beckoning me over to the laptop.  Even now it's speaking to me, "Come Ashlei, come use me to blog and check facebook!"  Lol. Somehow it usually wins. :)

Having all that extra time was nice though, I was able to get some things more organized, I started working out again and I have totally changed the way I'm cooking now! I realized, it really doesn't take that much extra time for me to make things from scratch and the taste is so much better. Not to mention there isn't all the extra dyes, salt, etc. No more boxes of premade stuff around here, this Mommy is making it all now!  And everyone is loving dinner so much more.  I'm amazed at the cook I have become in these few years since having my daughter. When my mother died and I moved in with my now fiance, I couldn't cook to save my life - now I even have some of his friends asking him to bring plates of what's extra. And I love making desserts :) I just make some homemade strawberry shortcakes a few nights ago (it was just Strawberry Festival time around here). My favorites so far are these yummy soft pretzels I've been making!

What have I been up to crochet-wise? All kinds of things! Here a few of them, I'll get the rest up later.

The dino hat & green angry pig ball were for my nephew for his 4th birthday. :)

An adorable newborn crown that I'll be putting up at the Etsy store soon. :)
Fingerless gloves!  Made this set for myself. Love purple. <3

My hard case I had for my hooks decided to finally break on me, so it was time to get a new case.  I figured, why not make one instead? I absolutely love the marrakesh, it's one of my favorite multi coloured yarns. :)

Plus the new items I made that are up at Skylay Designs!  New beanies and baby barefoot sandals!

Other than that, it's just been a great and fun time with my wonderful kids!

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  1. What great projects. The dino hat is adorable and the hand made hook holder is beautiful.