Monday, October 15, 2012

Trying to play catch up..

I'm always wondering how people find time to blog daily.. once a month seems to pull from me most times when I would like -atleast- twice a week.. even once would be good. I'm trying to make things more organized in my life though, including my entire house which I have been striving to be more organized forever now. I poked around on Pinterest and other blogs and am just amazed at home organized these ladies are. I want to get my life there! So with the may tips and some hard work, I'm slowly getting there. I've started throwing away the useless crap that no one in the house uses, instead of it just sitting there because someone 'might need it in the future'. I've already got stacks of boxes of clothes to donate to our local community center and I plan on going through the kids' toys this week. They don't use 90% of what they have sitting in their rooms! I could probably pull an entire box of toys out of my daughter's room and she would be like, "When did I get all of these toys?" and completely not remember them! Now if i could just afford to get some extra storage container sets. In time!

My Sky had a few rough first weeks in school, but is doing beautifully now. She's bringing me in blues daily now, which the teacher confirmed is better then getting a green. She's early got all of her sight words for this nine weeks memorized too. When did kindergarten get so different? No more naps. I guess it's easier to just not fight with kids about a nap they don't want to take in the first place? My three year old gives me a hard time about naps, I couldn't imagine a room full of five and six year olds who don't want to nap! Haha! Speaking of these sight words she's learning, I'm amazed that my son has even started picking up on some of the words. We made flash cards with all of her words and they sit down together while she says the words. A few days ago, he got a few of the words before she did - "girl", "dog" - talk about a proud mama! :)

While big sister has been at school, we have done a few projects to keep the little man busy while she's gone. He especially loved the lacing boards I made from cutting & hole punching a cereal box into some shapes and a box out of the bottom of it.
For a boy who is constantly going, going, going - this keeps him busy for up to 30-60 minutes straight sometimes! Just enough time to get a few dishes washed and maybe a load of laundry swapped into the dryer. ;) That dryer that I just recently completely cleaned all traces of lint from and now is running sooo much better!

And I leave you with my current WIP! It is going to be a dinosaur blanket for my son for his birthday next month.
Look at all those ends I get to weave in... doesn't it look like fun?

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