Monday, August 20, 2012

moved and all settled!

I'm back! Our move took about a week and a half to get things cleaned here, all our things packed, loaded and moved over. And since my DF works long hours, the unpacking has fallen to me. Which is fine, I'm glad to be mostly finished with it all, I just have some shelves that need to be put up! :) I was able to get the internet switched over last week but with my daughter's 5th birthday party and her starting kindergarten today there was so much to get done!  Atleast that meant a lot of crafty stuff too! With all the moving I was missing my creative side.

For my princess's party we made these sponge bombs that I saw on Pinterest!
I did them I little differently then they said, like using Sky's tiny hair elastic to hold them together and using different amounts of sponge strips. It was very easy. :) I bought two packs of sponges and cut them all into fourths.. grabbed random strips (5 or 6 a piece), twisted them together and wrapped the elastic around to hold it. Water fun!

I made some clips and hand bands for her to wear for school and also these yarn wrapped letters - again I saw the idea on pinterest - to hang over her bed in her room.
Quick, easy and cute! Not to mention that she loves them!  They are just cardboard cut letters, wrapped in acrylic yarn and held together with hot glue. Love my hot glue gun! :)

Miss Sky was also VERY clear on what she wanted food wise. Daddy was to get a pig to grill, and he did, and she wanted Mommy to make her a barbie cake. Not buy one, no, Mommy had to make this one! Okay then! Luckily, my mother in law had a barbie shaped cake pan that she let me borrow. I made her a marble cake and spent many hours on the decoration. First time on something like this, but she loved it! :)

So yesterday's party was a hit, lots of water fun, tons of food and the kids had a great time! What a awesome way to end the summer and get ready for school the next day! That's right, my little miss started her very first day of school today. She has been begging to go for years and today she finally started Kindergarten. She was soooo excited to ride the bus today!
Here we are waiting for the bus to come this morning! And when it finally came she ran so fast onto the bus I madely even got to say goodbye to her. So excited and happy to finally be going to school and she is my oldest.. I worry so much when my babies aren't with me and I miss her a lot. I just hope she is having a great first day and enjoys school! :) I thought it would be hard on little brother with his sissy not here all day, but he has taken it so good all day long. We even did a craft before nap time today!
We made home made moon sand! "Cloud Dough" as it was called on pinterest! Can you tell how addicted to Pinterest crafts I am? I absolutely love them! And a bit obsessed with Pinterest on it's own too. All this stuff is is flour and baby oil. It's so soft and we had a blast playing with it. It kept little man here busy for over an hour! After that we took a bath and used the water to paint on the walls with a paint brush. He thought that was just awesome. :)

So I haven't gotten to get any crocheting done, sadly.. I have a bunch of amigurumi ideas sketched out however and I can't wait to get started now that I'm all settled in!

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