Monday, July 16, 2012

crafts & moving

It's been busy, busy around here! I've been working on some projects, most I've finished and this is moving week for us! We've finally decided to look for that place we are going to want to be in forever and not have to move -- unless moving in a few years is just what life has planned for us. But this new place is somewhere we can build onto to and let the kids run in a nice fenced in yard. I should have boxes tomorrow to start packing and hope to be done before the weekend. I'm so excited for this move! :) And I really wanted to make sure I got an update up before I we started our move to this new place. Once we're moved and settled in I also hope to do my first giveaway!

So my first project was another amigurumi. This one was for my little sister who begged me for a doll when she saw me doing them. I ordered some saftey eyes from 6060 on Etsy, because I figured they would look much cuter then the buttons I've been using. So here is Edward from FMA. I did him with my bigger doll template and his jacket is removable. I hand stitched the symbol on the back of the jacket by hand and it was my first attempt at doing some kind of embroidery like this. I'm extremely happy with the outcome and she loves it! :)

I've got some new headbands made! I found this headband pattern over at You Seriously Made That?! and decided I wanted to make a few. I've been wanting to make these cool 3-strand headbands for a while now and just never got around to it. But when Pinterest kept reminding me about it, I knew it was time to finally make atleast one.

Now, since I'm about to be moving and I have absolutely no ribbon in the house, I wasn't about to run out to buy some. So I did the ties in yarn with a slst row and wrapped where the tie and band connected together in the tail of the yarn and used the hot glue to hold it. If someone wants to know how I did it, I'd be willing to make a tutorial for you after my move. :)
The first one I did.

Close up of where I wrapped the yarn.

My little princess modeling the first headband for me. She asked me for a purple one for her after this.

And here it is! I haven't gotten her to stop long enough to get a picture of her in it yet, but while we were out and about over the weekend she got a lot of nice comments about her pretty headband. :)

I've only done one hat however, since I haven't had very many orders lately. Though I had one request to try out a kitty cat hat to see what I might be able to come up with. Here is the first attempt at a cat beanie:
A baby orange tabby hat cat. I'm really happy with how it came out and have a few other ideas I want to try out now too.

My last thing crochet-wise today is that I did put my pattern up for the Sweet Pony Applique on my Etsy Store and at Ravelry. For another look at my Sweet Pony Applique:

Anyone else addicted to Pinterest as badly as I am? I will literally spend hours on this site looking at all these amazingly cool ideas! Since I can't really do home improvements until we actually move into our new place, I decided I would do a few simple ones to keep me busy until I get boxes for packing tomorrow. This tutorial for turning your T-shirt into a tank caught my eye a few times before I finally decided to try it out. I have so many T-shirt.. but I really just don't like them. I hate the way the collars are so close to my neck and it just makes me feel sick. So any T-shirts I have don't really get worn ever. I did this with a normal fitting one, and one that is a bit snug on me just to see if it would be worth trying on smaller shirts too. 
This is the outcome of the first one! Yes, I love using my webcam since my personal camera is on the touchy and close to dying side. Lol. I will be saving up for a new one very, very soon, that's for sure! I hand sewed it all and just hot glued the strips from the sleeves together to make the strap because I didn't want to cut the bottom of the shirt like this person had. It was really simple and even with hand sewing it, only took about an hour to transform this from a T-shirt to a tank. It is so comfortable and I really love it. I plan on doing this with every T-shirt I own probably. Lol! Over all, as you can tell, I'm proud proud of my learning to hand sew and how this shirt came out!

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