Friday, June 22, 2012

Time to update on my latest projects! Some new cute baby hats that I have up in my Etsy store. :) This first one I think is my favorite of the new bunch. A purple & pink baby dinosaur hat, complete with little pink spines.

Here's one perfect for daddy's little couch sidekick while watching the game! I am in the process of makes my little monkey a 3t sized one for when he's watching with daddy.

These two are actually for most of the same pieces. All it took was some imagination and rearranging for these two cuties to come to life. First we have an adorable pink puppy dog with short ears and an eye patch!

Next is the little piglet, curly tail and all!

I'm going to be working on some amigurumi patterns this week. I promised my dear little sister an Edward, from Full Metal Alchemist, doll.. I will most likely be starting that tonight. I can't wait to see how it will turn out! :) These dolls I've been doing are about 12inches tall too.. I want to make another versio about half the size, so I will be working on this over the weekend too, I think.

I've written out a new pattern though! My daughter is a complete My Little Pony lover and I wanted to make a colorful pony to remind her of it to put on her purse I made for her a few weeks ago. I came up with these:

Now she's asking me to put them on clips for her hair instead! I'm working on getting it up on my Etsy & Ravelry now. It's got loads of pictures, definitely gave me some time with my PhotoShop. ;)

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