Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Amigurumi Fun

So, I finally decided to try out some Amigurumi dolls. My last two attempts were easter bunnies from the past two years for the kids. They went over great and the kids still love them - my son even has to have his camo bunny from this year at bed time some nights. :) Dolls for some reason always seemed tougher to me? I think it was all that hair and making the clothes! Lol. Finally I sucked it up and tried!

This was my first attempt at an amigurumi doll: Rapunzel from Disney's Tangled. She came out okay, and I will be much more happy with her when I redo her hair. I definitely love the button eye look for these dolls though! :)

Here is Aerith, from Final Fantasy VII. My daughter claimed Rapunzel and I decided I wanted to have one of these for myself. So I altered my last design from the Rapunzel doll to make this small doll. I found a hair method that I like much, much better then how I did Rapunzel's hair by do the individual yarn strands around and inside the hair line. I did have a difficult time trying to make the longer bangs in the front curl. The dress and jacket are both removeable too.

After patting myself on the back for getting it, I decided that the stitches were too big and I needed to go down some hook sizes. Out came my D hook for ami doll #3. I created a mermaid!

She is definitely my favorite so far and I am sooo happy with how she came out. I'm thinking about writing out the pattern for her later on and getting it tested. :) Also debating on selling this little beauty at my Etsy store, I just don't know if I can part with it though! Hehe.

All of them were made out of Red heart Super Saver yarn. I love it. <3

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  1. Adorable dolls.

    I make lots of ami's and I find doll hair to be the most challenging. I like safety eyes for my ami's. For the dolls I use my limited supply of colored eyes. I can get the black safety eyes at our local Joann's or AC Moore, but the colored ones I have to resort to getting mostly online.