Friday, February 10, 2012

hats, hats and more hats!

I have been soooo busy with crocheting these days that I forgot to post all my creations up! So here is a nice big post to all my newly finished projects! :) I have definitely been a busy, busy girl! This one may be a bit image heavy.

My good friend's oldest girl got straight A's on her last report card. So for a gift, I made her a black & yellow striped beanie she had hinted at wanting a few weeks prior. :)

I loved all the cupcake hats I saw and just had to make one for my daughter! All the ones I saw were band first and then work on the icing part and I wanted to have one from the top to the bottom so I managed to write my own pattern. :) I may post it up for those who are interested.
After seeing my daughter's cupcake hat, another good friend of mine ordered one for herself!

I wanted to take a try at an ear flap beanie and being too lazy to look up a pattern I just winged it. This one is for my son and I wanted to make it extra cute so it ended up with froggie eyes!

A newborn lady bug beanie.

Newborn bright pink minnie mouse beanie. The bow is from a video tutorial I saw, but I for the life of me at the moment can't find the link. I'll keep trying to find it though!

The friend who ordered the teal cupped cupcake beanie also ordered this panda bear beanie as a present for her hunny. :)

3-6 Month Mickey Mouse beanie! My boyfriend's cousin bought this one for her daughter.

A 6-9 Month Valentines day shell stitch beanie.

A strawberry beanie! I created this one because around where I live we have a Strawberry Festival and it's getting close to that time! Again, the only "berry" beanie I could find were from the bottom up, and since I like to go from the top to the bottom, I decided to create this one as well.

I've made some wash cloths and flowers and other embellishments as well, but I think I will leave those for tomorrow's update! I'm so excited to be crocheting and hard at work. I've made it my own little job now and have been selling some locally and just started an Etsy site: Skylay Designs! I will be working hard to get more up on it and try to make this work! I am enjoying it so much right now.

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  1. Awesome work! :) I just might have to order from you one of these days.. My sister is expecting again, and, with it being cold as hell in Germany, I'm sure she could use one for the new baby. :3 I'll pay shipping and everything, too.

    Also, if you ever need any website space, I'd be more than happy to hook you up. :] has a 2-year contract, and has php/cgi/ect. I always loved seeing your website designs, though if you're busy, I understand. Just thought I'd throw that offer out. :D