Monday, January 16, 2012


Been so long since I've been able to sit down and make a post. I've been in and out of internet and money has been to short for me to even crochet too. :( But thankfully with the wonderful tax money we will be receiving soon, I'll be back to crocheting with loads of new yarn! All week I've been digging through scraps that I forgot about during our move in November. Didn't know I had as much as I did! I was able to make both kids new beanies, a plastic bag holder, a handle cover for the skillet and a load of flowers to make some clips out of! Yay!!
I would love to post some pictures up but sadly my camera is out of batteries until Wednesday. I may be able to steal hubby's phone to get some until then though.. I just wish it took better pictures.
I'll definitely be getting back into posting regularly now that I have some stable internet and the hectic holidays are over. :)

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